• Sid Taylor

    Mr. Sid Taylor graduated from George County High School in 1993.  He received his Associates Degree from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.  He then received his Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Southern Mississippi and Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from Arkansas State University. 
    Sid returned to George County in 2006 to fulfill his longtime desire of being an education leader for his hometown school district.  Since then, he has taught at the elementary level, middle school level, and has most recently served as the assistant principal for George County High School.  He looks forward to serving the wonderful people of L. C. Hatcher Elementary School as the lead principal.

    Mr. Taylor believes that people are our greatest assets and our greatest investment.  It is his desire to make a difference in the life of each student, teacher, and each family that he serves as principal at L. C. Hatcher.

    689 Church Street
    Lucedale, MS 39452

    Phone: 601.947.3110
    Fax: 601.947.9548

L. C. Hatcher Team Members
Kindergarten & Pre-K
  • Mrs. Noblitt's Pre-K Class
    Pattie Noblitt - Highly Qualified B. S. 

    Ashton White -  Highly Qualified

  • Mrs. Rouse's Class
    Tara Rouse - Highly Qualified B. S. M. Ed NBC

    & Angel Pipkins - Highly Qualified

  • Mrs. Fleming's Class
    Angel Fleming - Highly Qualified - B. S. M. Ed. NBC

    & Haley Littlefield - Highly Qualified

  • Mrs. Holland's Class
    Shelly Holland - Highly Qualified - B. S. M. Ed. NBC

    & Sydney Watts - Highly Qualified

First Grade
  • Mrs. Johnson's Class
    Carmen Johnson - Highly Qualified - B. S

    & Carolee Washington - Highly Qualified

  • Mrs. Hamblin's Class
    Sylvia Hamblin - Highly Qualified - B. S. M. Ed. NBC

    & Amber Keel - Highly Qualified

  • Mrs. Wedgeworth's Class
    Carissa Wedgeworth - Highly Qualified - B. S

    & Missy White - Highly Qualified

Second Grade
  • Mrs. Smith's Class
    Mrs. Jerica Smith - Highly Qualified B. S. 

    & Michael Lawler - Highly Qualified

  • Mrs. Taylor's Class
    Krys Taylor - Highly Qualified -B.S. 

    & Kiera Green -  Highly Qualified

  • Mrs. Beans
    Savannah Beans - Highly Qualified - B. S.

    & Laura Lawrence - Highly Qualified

  • Mrs. Mason's Class
    Cheryl Mason - Highly Qualified - B. S.

    & Wanda West - Highly Qualified

LEAD Academy
  • LEAD Academy
    Kristy Tanner LEAD Director - Highly Qualified - B. S. M. Ed. CALT